Who Is Harmony Devoe?


In February 2020, Harmony presented her innovative vlog talk series “Grown Woman Talk” with Harmony Devoe & HD, to the YouTube world at Grown Woman Talk Official. Along with the creative graphics and animation by Bent String Studios and VWurld-UVerse, Harmony discusses very candid topics for adults. Harmony prides herself on the discussions which are unscripted opinions from her personal life experiences and others who are guest on the show.

In September 2020, Harmony released the most sensual, sexiest song of her musical career, “The View,” and added her steamy hot music video to her video collection on her YouTube page. This emerging Artist is destined to enrich the lives of many throughout the world with her remarkable brand of music and vlog talk series. In October 2020, Harmony was also featured on the Cover of the Fall 2020 issue of The Lyfe Magazine.

Stay tuned world, more of Harmony’s Floecticizm is on the way with her new single “Friend Zone (Remix)”, her Vlog Talk Series, Grown Woman Talk, and much more! Harmony is aiming for the moon, and when she lands, she will most definitely be amongst the stars!

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